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B.Tech Electrical & Electronics Engineering

Efficient Generation, Transmission and Distribution of power lie on the shoulders of Electrical Engineers. The three C’s?Conditioning, Control and Conversion of power using semiconductor devices (Power Electronics) has helped in the miniaturization of many electrical equipments used at present. Another facet of Electrical Engineering, Control Engineering, has become an integral part of modern manufacturing and industrial processes. As the per capita consumption of electricity is the window to the socio-economic condition of the nation, the role of an Electrical Engineer is indispensable in the society.

The Electrical Engineering department of TEC has dedicated and highly qualified faculty who give individual attention to the students promoting them to rise above ordinary levels to face the competitive world. The department of EEE has embarked on undertaking research projects in harnessing & utilization of solar power and in enhancing power quality. The EEE department of TEC has sophisticated and well equipped labs with all modern machinery which also encourage students to undertake projects internally.