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Three Day Faculty Development Programme on Design of Sustainable Infrastructure (Sponsored by KTU ) on 02-04 July 2019

Posted by: Web Admin On May 15, 2019

Three Day Faculty Development Programme oDesign of Sustainable Infrastructure (Sponsored by KTU ) on 02-04 July 2019  at

Thejus Engineering College, Vellarakkad, Thrissur

Infrastructure such as roads, bridges, tunnels, water supply, and sewers provide essential services and functions to society, economy and theenvironment.Sustainable infrastructure design is not just about new infrastructure. It is about rehabilitation, re-use or optimization of existing infrastructure, which is consistent with the principles of urban sustainability and global sustainable development. This encompasses infrastructure renewal, long-term economic analysis of infrastructure, energy use and reduced infrastructure costs, the protection of existing infrastructure from environmental degradation, material selection for sustainability, quality, durability and energy conservation, minimizing waste and materials, the re-design of infrastructure in light of global climate change and the remediation of environmentally damaged soils and water. Clearly sustainable infrastructure should lead to improved socio-economics.

In recent years, there is a rapid increase in disasters, which reiterates the need for sustainable and reliable infrastructure. Responsible design needs to balance social, economic and environmental issues.The faculty in engineering streams should be motivated to undertake this challenge. The crux of design of sustainable infrastructure is developing construction methods and design procedures learnt from previous history.

This course covers the design aspects of buildings, bridges and foundations. The objective of this faculty development programme is to train the faculty members on sustainability in construction and design of infrastructure.


  • Case studies in Sustainable Construction
  •  Sustainable Housing and material selection
  • Design of sustainable concrete structures
  •  Design of Pile foundation
  • Design of steel structures and composite bridges
  •  Geosynthetics and ground improvement techniques
  • Site specific design aspects of bridges

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